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Assistance for Your Organization


Do you need a program, speaker, or workshop for your organization on the use of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised? Contact us for names of persons who can provide what you need to educate your membership on how to make business meetings more productive and focused. The Beta Unit can recommend an experienced educator, with whom you may negotiate appropriate services.


Some organizations engage a parliamentary consultant to assist and advise the organization on writing or revising Bylaws, Standing Rules, and other governing documents. Other possible consulting services include opinion writing, consulting with officers on their roles as presiding officers, secretaries, and committee chairs, and service as a professional parliamentarian during meetings.


Conventions can provide challenges for some organizations. An experienced parliamentarian can assist officers in preparing for large conventions by helping leaders organize necessary committees, establish proper procedures for voting, and writing scripts for the presiding officer's use. In some situations, organizations employ a professional presiding officer to ensure a fair process.

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