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There are two levels of membership in the Beta Unit: provisional membership and regular membership. Any person who is interested in the study of parliamentary procedure and who pays the membership fee is allowed to be a provisional member of the Tennessee Beta Unit. In order to become a regular member of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP), one must pass an examination on Robert's Rules of Order, In Brief (3rd edition). Regular members are eligible for two levels of certification: Registered Parliamentarian®, and Professional Registered Parliamentarian®. You can read more about each of these credentials below.

Audiovisual Conference


Provisional membership allows a person to participate in the local unit meetings while preparing to take the membership examination required of all regular NAP members. Provisional members are welcome and encouraged to take part fully in the meetings of the TN Beta Unit.



Regular members have completed a basic examination on Robert's Rules of Order, in Brief (3rd edition), commit themselves to teaching and learning the principles of parliamentary procedure, and are eligible for all the member benefits and responsibilities provided by the National Association. Regular members are also eligible to represent their units at state, district, and national conventions.

Team High Five


A member who attains Registered Parliamentarian® (RP) status must complete a three step in-depth examination on the various parts of parliamentary procedure, how to relate to and serve clients, and how to effectively serve as a meeting parliamentarian. The Registered Parliamentarian® credential is good for six years and is renewed by completing significant continuing education requirements.

Shaking Hands


The Professional Registered Parliamentarian® (PRP) designation is the highest level of certification awarded by the NAP. The person who attains this status has demonstrated not only a knowledge of, but the ability to use parliamentary procedure in a variety of settings, as a presiding officer, parliamentarian, and consultant in complex situations for a variety of organizations. A Professional Registered Parliamentarian® must maintain this certification through practical experience and recurrent training, ensuring that each PRP maintains the same high professional standards throughout his or her career.

Those who are interested in pursuing membership are encouraged to contact us and to come to one of our regular meetings. Current members are always willing and able to assist new members in finding the right level of membership for them.

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